“Awesome; I Fuckin’ Shot That!” - Beastie Boys 2006
Principle Cameraman - Shot at Madison Square Garden.
Editor - year and a half in the lab organizing, looking for great moments, syncing, assembling bits & overall edit decisions.
Special Effects - Developed a new system using Midi control to trigger video effects, allowing the artist to play their part to the music, making the effects happen in time with the music directly from the artists hands. Shot microscopic photos, morphed and animated them for a bass guitar zoom effect. Painted frames, 1000’s of frames by hand, in photoshop to achieve some of the look effects. Plus many more things...

This film was shot by 50 fans and 13 principle cameras, thats 63 tracks of video, we counted 6,719 edits, with the average shot lasting 19 frames. And to the audio team, much respect, it would just be pretty pictures without the awesome mix.